Pivoting OSCP: Chisel & Proxychains

Nov 8, 2021



  • Install Proxychains
  • Install and compile Chisel
  • Copy compiled Chisel binary to the entry point machine

1)From Kali:

./chisel server -p 8000 -reverse

2)From client:

./chisel client <Your_Kali_IP>:8000 R:8001:

./chisel server -p 1337 — socks5

3)From Kali:

./chisel client socks

4)From Kali

sudo nano /etc/proxychains.conf

Enable #quiet_mode

socks5 1080

5)From Kali

proxychains nmap …

proxychains msfconsole

proxychains firefox

For example,

proxychains curl http://IP_In_Internal_Network

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